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Locksmiths for Property Professionals

Are you a Landlord? An Estate Agent or Letting Agent? A Solicitor?
High security keys for landlords, letting agents, estate agents and solicitors
Securing property with high security keys and locks during probate

Have you thought of a high security key, a key that you can give the tradesman or could lend to a prospective tenant? A high security key can only be cut by the manufacturer of the lock or a licensed key cutter for that make of lock and would still require a security card/ or number before it can be cut.

At the moment many letting agents maintain that their clients are very highly vetted so they do not feel the need for any other security measures, but how highly vetted is the emergency plumber or the dog walker or even the girl/boy friend of the tenant that just stayed over for the weekend?

  • Tenants can still be unfortunate enough to be burgled.
  • Need to gain access to one of your properties?
  • Tenants have disappeared?
  • Need to keep an empty property secure?
  • Probate and wills or just taking control of a property.

This can be just as important in the world of probate, when a loved one has past away or is to ill to look after themselves it can be very surprising how families and friends can react to an estate or personnel prosecutions even if they are not in dept.

Just changing the locks or upgrading them to a high security locks can resolve so many issues and can save you a mountain of paperwork and hassle.

There are six types of people who may contest a will that may also have a copy of the key to the property:

  • the spouse or civil partner
  • a former spouse or civil partner - who has not remarried or formed a new civil partnership
  • children
  • step-children
  • a partner who lived with the deceased for more than two years
  • any other dependants
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For many property professionals the security of a property isn't at the top of the 'To Do' list, especially if they're busy and pressed for time. Or if they don't expect a property to be vacant for long.
It comes to the top of the list when a problem arises, such as a break in, and the dreaded call from the insurance company advising they wont pay out because the property's locks do not conform to the policy.

Stop and think! Protect your property. Upgrade your security before its too late!

We invite you to browse through the free advice we give in our 'Security Advice' pages, or call us for a free 'Security Site Survey'.